For Sale: S2 Parts

I have these spare parts from the S2000 that I want to get rid of. I prefer pick-up here in SoCal since most of the these parts will be too costly to ship. I will ship the mirrors and the BYS spoiler at the buyer’s expanse.

1) Pair of OEM fenders in Silverstone – There are scratches on both sides and slightly dented on the top. They are what they are. It’s a good deal or someone who wants to stretch and pull them since they would need to be repainted anyways.

$125 obo.





2) OEM hood in Silverstone – There are scratches on the hood as well, similar to the ones on the fender. I didn’t want to unwrap the hood to take pictures but I will if I must.

$125 obo.


3) OEM mirrors in Silverstone – They are in perfect condition.

$150 obo.





4) BYS carbon fiber spoiler – The spoiler is in 1×1 twill weave. It is in perfect condition.

$200 obo.



Like I said, pick up is preferred. I am in the Westwood and Arcadia area in SoCal. Just leave a comment if you’re interested in any of the things and I will get back to you.



  1. best price shipped to texas

    • Ship what?

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