Since this is consistently one of of the most read post, I am going to write another update since the last entry was over half a year ago. Some of you readers might or might not know that I have been recruited to be a blogger for The Real JDM about 2 months ago. It has been a pleasure because it has allowed to reach a greater audience as well as motivated me to write more in-dept article that features more content instead of just pictures. However, it does not feel the same as when I wrote on this personal blog of mine. It is a different sort of satisfaction that I get when I write here because I have watched this blog steadily grow to what it is now.

As always, I am thankful for all the readers that continuously come back to check my blog even during the past 2 months when I have rarely updated since I have devoted most of my blogging time to The Real JDM. I was unsure if I was going to continue to write on here but I have decided that I will. Thus, I have recently started to post again. I am going to try to have something up everyday but if not, there will be at least a few posts per week.



Welcome to the new blog! This blog, The Ku Cars, is a continuation of the old/other blog, The Ku Life.

Since I’ve recently began to blog more about my life, I’ve decided to have two separate blogs, one that is personal and another one for cars. Therefore, I’ve made the switch to solely post all of my car related posts on this blog, The Ku Cars, while my original blog, The Ku Life, will be for my personal use.

Hope everyone enjoys this blog’s content as much as I like posting them!



Hi, my name is Stanley Ku and that should explain my blog’s username for those who doesn’t quite get it. I am currently a student at UCLA and during my free time when I am done with all of my work or just procrastinating (usually the latter) I like to browse through car forums, websites, etc. But lately, I’ve been reading a lot of car blogs which made me want to give it a try. Well, here I am with my own blog. I will primarily focus on car culture but its not limited to just that. I will post any interesting things that I come upon as well as things from my personal life.

Critiques and comments are more than welcome! Hope you guys enjoy my blog!



  1. Waaah you’re the one that bought Charlie’s car

    damm i wanted it too . sick car

    i grew up with charlie in hs haha

  2. Stanley, love your blog. I’ve added it to my “to visit everyday” list. Keep up the great work!

  3. SICK CARSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  4. hey Stanley, how you doing? My name is Gabriel and I am a car enthusiast in Singapore. I drives a S15.

    I have been reading your blog for a while and definitely like the materials you post.

    I started a car blog a while back as well focusing on Singapore and Malaysia’s car scene. Pls check it out http://www.carbonclad.blogspot.com if you have the time. If you like the posts, please link it on your blog roll as well.

    Thank you!

  5. Quite awesome photage on your blog and pure JDM carporn mixed up with some nice old yankee classic musclecars.

    I drive an JDM imported Evo 6 that i run as a 24/7 – 365 beater 😉 Stock so far, and I’m thinking about trading up to skyline country and use it as a pure summer car. Seriously, nothing beats the Evo going sideways in the wintertime, but since we have hellish winters with down to -30 degree celsious, I think I punish it far to much.

    Really like your blog, keep it up!

    //Lars, Sweden

  6. Hello Stanley, I’ve been visiting your blog for a bit now and was wondering if you’d like to do a link exchange. My site is automotive photography based.


    Thank you
    – Austin Grade

  7. Great blog! Big fans at Fueltopia.co.uk

  8. great photos

  9. Stanley,

    Great blog you have here. It’s amazing to see how well the internet is allowing us all to spread out interests and connect with others.

    Keep it up! Thanks a bunch.

    Rick – AM Express
    P.S. Down for a link exchange? Thanks.

  10. great blog!
    Would like to add it into my blogroll if you’re ok with it?

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